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Mesh Fusion Demystified - Part 1

A through introduction to best practices for modelling with Mesh Fusion in Modo.

This tutorial will help you establish the best strategies for hard surface modelling in Mesh Fusion.



Post-Processing for Photorealism

This series of videos will demonstrate how to apply realistic post-processing to your renders to achieve photoreal results. 

The training applies to both Photoshop and to Affinity Photo.



Tiling Texture Pack - Seamless Textures For Any 3D Application

The Tiling Texture Pack is a collection of 100 high quality seamlessly tiling textures for use in any 3D application. The maps can be used for many purposes, from creating roughness maps to adding dirt and grime.


Assets for Artists

From Modo specific kits to textures that can be used in any application, I offer a range of assets that can save you time and help you create great looking images.


VizPak Materials

High quality preset materials for Modo, Vray for Modo, and Octane for Modo. All with physically-based parameters and carefully crafted textures for maximum realism - get great results in minutes.


Training for 3D

Lighting, Shading, Texturing, and Rendering training for 3D artists.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill training, it's thoroughly researched, comprehensive and based on foundational principles to teach you the  building blocks of every process so that you understand them completely.


Free Stuff

From complete training courses to full 3D scenes, training videos and assets for you to use as you wish, this is where to look for giveaways.



A very thorough textbook on light and lighting, that will help any visual artist working in any field or discipline.