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Kettle textured with VizPak: Products

The best material library for Modo

VizPack: Products is a collection of over 160 materials providing a range of detailed and physically accurate shaders to cover many different needs. With a focus on product renders the materials in this collection are general purpose materials representing the clean, unblemished materials required for visualisation work. Worn and damaged materials will feature in future packs, but the emphasis here is on highly detailed shaders of materials in new condition.

These materials are the result of years of research, using both measured data and visual references to create the most accurate and realistic materials possible. The materials are designed to look good both from a distance and in close-up, with layers of detail that become apparent when you zoom in on them. The materials on offer in this collection are more detailed and consistent than those that ship with Modo by default, and will give better results in high quality renders.

From metals, to woods, fabrics, and plastics, you will find materials to suit many different kinds of projects, either to use as they are, or as starting points for further customization.

By using this library you can take the guesswork out of shading and texturing, knowing that the materials all use physically accurate values and are based on real-world references.

Additional versions of the material library are also available for third-party render engines within Modo, you can buy VizPak: Products for the Vray and  Octane plugins in Modo, set up to work natively using the correct shaders for the plugins (Vray materials and Octane nodes). This takes all the hassle out of creating materials for third-party renderers, reducing the learning curve substantially and allowing you to get great results very quickly.

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