Uberball Version 2


Shading and texturing studio for Modo

Uberball Version 2 is a complete shading and texturing studio that offers a comprehensive and flexible environment to allow you to create the best shaders possible, and do so in a manner that will translate seamlessly to your production scenes.

Version 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up, with all new rigging and lighting. The lighting is hugely improved over version 1, and the results much improved, allowing for more accurate shading that will translate better to your own scenes. There are specialised environments for shading architectural scenes, specialised environments for shaders that require transparency or translucency, and environments for cloth. Watch the video for details.

There is also a folder of simple starter materials to set you on the right track for creating metals or plastics, so that you can be confident that your initial parameters are set correctly.

I set out to be build the best possible shader ball I could, one that I would want to use myself in my daily production, and I hope that you will find it as useful as I have. Uberball 2 will be undergoing more development so any suggestions or workflow improvements are welcome. Uberball is designed to make shading and texturing as accurate and fun as possible.

The improved overall look makes working with Uberball a much more pleasant experience, and also allows for slicker presentation of the final results.

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