The Ultimate Guide to Tonemapping


Learn the fundamentals of Tonemapping

If you want to use the full dynamic range of your render engine, be it Modo, Vray, Octane, Arnold or any other, then you will need to tonemap your render. And while most renderers have built-in tonemapping options, like most things this is usually a step best carried out in post.

In this tutorial you will learn about several different options for tonemapping, from Photoshop, via free applications such as Picturenaut, to powerful compositors such as Nuke and Fusion. With the advent of Nuke non-commercial and the free version of Fusion, compositing applications offer some of the best options currently available for getting the best possible tonemapping. All of the best programs currently available are compared, and their pros and cons are clearly explained.

Tonemapping can make an enormous difference the the appearance of your final renders, so knowing how to get the best possible results can really help to make a good render great.

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