The Tiling Texture Pack

texture pack 1080.jpg

Seamless textures for any application

The Tiling Texture Pack is a collection of 100 high quality seamlessly tiling textures for use in any 3D application. The maps can be used for many purposes, from creating roughness maps to adding dirt and grime, to fingerprints, smears or cracks.

Being image-based means that the maps are compatible with any render engine, 3D application, or game engine, making them extremely versatile and a perfect replacement or complement to procedural textures. The textures themselves are also generally more useful than procedural textures because they more closely resemble real-world surfaces, being based on photography of actual surfaces. This means you will create more realistic textures more quickly with minimal tweaking.

The Tiling Texture Pack is the perfect tool for getting that final dash of realism with a smear texture or a grunge map applied to vary the roughness of your shaders in a realistic way.

You can also use these maps as additional noise and image sources in Substance Designer and Substance Painter, instantly expanding your palette of options when it comes to creating great textures.

The maps provided can create caustics, paint cracks, dust, fabric, fur, fingerprints, grunge, dirt, leather, noise, paper, rocks, scratches, smears, and more.

All the textures are 4096x4096 in resolution.

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