The Modo Texturing Masterclass


Learn the Secrets of Photorealistic Texture Painting

In the MODO Texturing Masterclass you will learn to create very detailed and believable textures based on real-world references.

Creating photoreal textures takes more skill and craft than simply using photographs, and in this course all of the textures are created from scratch and hand-crafted for maximum realism. By learning the skills needed to create textures by hand you will be able to create without the limitations that can occur when relying on photographs or procedurals.

The workflows demonstrated will be 2D texture creation in Photoshop and 3D texture painting in MODO, including how to 3D paint on assets with UDIMs to achieve extremely high resolution textures. Applying localised decals over existing textures will be demonstrated so that you can maximise your texture space and resolution, even when applying very small details to a mesh.

By following this course you will learn many techniques that will allow you to create realistic textures that mimic real-world materials. The course concentrates exclusively on original texture creation, created by hand. This will give you the skills needed to create any kind of texture, even when photographic resources are not available.

So if you want to improve your texturing skills and increase your speed and efficiency in texture creation, this video will demonstrate an effective workflow that will allow you to tackle even the most difficult textures.

The course consists of 3 long-form videos and comes with all the assets you need to follow along.

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