I can certainly tell you, pretty much solid information that you won’t get anywhere else. It worth every cent. Thanks for sharing that huge amount of knowledge.
— modelT

Excellent! Tutorials often dwell in the land of ‘how’, but rarely do they delve so deeply into the underlying ‘why’. I was most impressed with the theoretical introduction. He respects the student by teaching them foundation concepts - instead of simply listing which order to press buttons in. It’s hard to overstate the value of this video.
— matt kohr

Thanks Richard, another great video, big, complex concepts nicely broken down. I think this would be extremely useful to non-Modo users too.
— Mondo Ghulam

Thanks so much for this tutorial. You’ve done a fantastic job in putting this together. I’m so glad I was able to find this invaluable resource!
— Jamie Kawano

Absolutely incredible Info and well worth every cent! From clicking around to actually making informed decisions this series of videos completely changes the way you shade in modo.
— Carsten Kuhoff

MODO training with Richard Yot quality! It’s instant buy for every MODO artist!
— Juha Takabe

Extremely useful video. I’m starving for more. Great stuff!

Great stuff Richard! I just finished watching through it the first time. I say first time, because this is something to be viewed multiple times as there are some great concepts discussed. This is exactly what I was looking for.
— Larry Vasquez

A very informative, well researched and professionally presented tutorial! Theoretical basis is laid out clearly and effectively; the technical part is also very clear and the overall effect is inspiring. Can’t believe this is only an introduction! Thanks Richard!
— Anton Glukhovsky

Seriously this is amazing... so much info that no one has ever even tried to explain or knew it existed...
— neil mahmood

Not just the content, but the audio and video quality are the best of just about any online video tutorial I’ve seen.
— jim bachalo

Excellent series, big big big recommendation for anyone using modo. They are also of use to users of other 3D packages, you will improve your understanding of material & shader theory in general.
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Amazing series. Hope to see more very soon.
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Eye-opening explanations, they sort of become inmediately indispensable.
After watching the first 10 minutes I already felt like I was going to be absorbing and refering to this knowledge for months and years.
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At some point I simply stopped watching Richard’s Trailers. He’s tutorials are simply ALWAYS worth every penny.
Generally tutorials often fall short in one aspect or another, but that doesn’t happen with Richard’s. This is simply great content and extremely fair pricing.
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Richard’s titles are clear, concise, thorough and packed full of extra’s that save you so much time! There’s no jargon or redundant info. and if you’ll are like me you’ll find yourself watching each video several times, purely because there is so much important information in each. I have bought many training videos, from all the “big names”, Richard’s is, by far, the best value in terms of the amount of practical advice given and all the free extra’s.
— Felix Wedgwood

Another great tutorial, really clever techniques.
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Richard Yot = Chuck Norris of modo rendering! That’s all I’m gonna say...
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