Studio Lighting Kit for Modo


Fast and Flexible Studio Lighting

The Studio Lighting Kit for Modo will enable you to add realistic studio lights to your scenes quickly and efficiently.

The kit comprises of two sets of assemblies: image-based cards that are lightweight and optimised for fast renders, and complete 3D lighting rigs that can be added for more realism or even used as props. The image-based cards are the primary use case: simply add these to your scene and change the type of light interactively, while controlling the brightness, size, and direction of your light (be sure to watch the video demo to see the kit in action for yourself).

 With the cards you can cycle between 16 different types of studio light, from softboxes to spotlights to umbrellas, and change these interactively at any time. This rig gives you enormous control over the quality of your reflections and allows you to get results that are impossible with area lights or any of the lighting assemblies that ship with Modo.

 But the main benefit of using this image-based approach is that the lights render very efficiently and cleanly, allowing you to achieve faster results without having to worry about noise or excessively long render times. These lights render faster and more cleanly than area lights or more heavy duty-lighting assemblies, so you can spend more time being creative and less time cleaning up noisy renders.

 The Studio Lighting Kit is also a great way to complement my existing Instant Lighting Kit for those times when you need a precisely placed key light. By using the two kits together you can achieve great results extremely quickly, by using the Studio Lighting Kit for the main key light and the Instant Lighting Kit to take care of the environment. Of course you can also use the Studio Lighting Kit by itself to provide all your lighting, allowing you to control each light individually.

 The kit is compatible with the Vray and Octane 3rd party render engines within Modo (with minor limitations in Octane).

 You can also use the included studio lighting HDRs in any 3D application (without the rigging) so the kit can also be useful for users that don't use Modo as their 3D application.

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Watch these videos showcasing what the Studio Lighting Kit can do to help your workflow:


Click through the gallery to see example images, all of which were lit using the Studio Lighting Kit