Strategies for UV Mapping in Modo


Learn the Secrets of Efficient UV Mapping

This two-part series covers both hard surface and organic UV mapping, showcasing completely different techniques suited to each approach. 

After watching the training you should have the skills to unwrap any mesh, regardless of its complexity, and have a much clearer idea of the best way to tackle challenging unwraps.

Creating good UV maps is the foundation to good texturing, and with clean and distortion-free UV maps that have the minimum of seams you will be able to texture more effectively, allowing you to maximise the resolution of your textures across your models and also have the most flexibility in your texturing workflow. The course will also demonstrate how to work with UDIMS for those times when you need the most resolution possible.

So if you want to improve your UV mapping skills and increase your speed and efficiency in this difficult stage of the 3D process, these videos will demonstrate  effective workflows that will allow you to tackle even the most difficult models.

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