The Modo Shading Masterclass


Bronze material created in the training, lighting from the Instant Lighting Kit


Learn the Secrets of Photorealistic Shading

The Modo Shading Masterclass is a complete training course that will teach you the fundamentals of shading in Modo using real-world values so that your shaders are always physically accurate and behave in predictable ways under all lighting conditions.

This five-part course is very extensive,with 8 hours of video packed full of information that will teach you everything you need to know about shading in Modo. The information can also be transferred to any other modern raytracing render engine because it has a theoretical foundation that can be used in any package.

If you find yourself guessing which values to enter in your shading parameters then this course will help you end the guesswork and always use the correct values for the material you are aiming to recreate.

By watching this course you will be equipped to deal with any shading challenge, from metals to plastics to translucent and transparent materials, and you will be taught knowledge that is simply not available in any other course.

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