Post-Processing Pack

for Photoshop and Affinity Photo


Photoreal results, in minutes.

The Post-Processing Pack is designed to speed up your workflow and is based on the concepts and techniques shown in my Post-Processing For Photorealism tutorial. The kit makes all of those techniques accessible at the click of a button, wrapping these sometimes complex operations into a simple action, cutting your post-processing time down drastically.

The Pack provides all of the essential tools for creating a photorealistic finish to your renders. It consists of photographic effects such as glares, blooms, vignettes and chromatic aberrations, as well as practical tools for image conversion and for removing noise, speckles and fireflies.

The entire workflow is non-destructive and is laid out logically with the macros laid out in the order they should be used in, from top to bottom, so there is no guesswork involved as to when each step should be applied.

The focus of this pack is to provide subtle photographic effects that will enhance a render, without creating overexaggerated or stylised results.

The great benefit of having all these processes as macros is that it can save a huge amount of time, especially for more complex operations such as noise reduction where complex masks need to be created. With a macro you no longer need to memorise a complex series of steps, you just click a button.

The macros are divided into two categories: 32bit and 16bit/8bit. The 32bit macros will take advantage of high dynamic range and unclamped colours.

I've also added a couple of actions that go beyond the material covered in the Post-Processing tutorial, including a stronger firefly removal tool and a custom Chromatic Aberration macro that is much more effective than the built-in Photoshop filter, because it applies the effect more strongly on the edges of the frame than the centre, unlike the filter which applies the effect evenly over the entire image. Affinity users will find it especially useful since there is no built-in plugin for CA in Affinity Photo.

The pack is suitable for use with the output from any 3D renderer, from Modo to Vray, Octane or Redshift.

I've put a huge amount of work and knowledge into building this kit, and my main aim when creating it was to make a tool that I would use myself in my daily workflow. I hope it can enhance your renders in the same way that it has helped mine.

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