Mesh Ops Kit for Modo


Expand your Modo Toolbox

The Mesh Ops Kit for Modo is a set of 11 procedural tools designed to expand your existing Modo toolset with the addition of new tools and primitives to speed up your workflow. (This kit requires Modo 13.0 as a minimum, but performance will be better in Modo 13.1).

 Each tool is fully parametric and the settings can be reconfigured at any time. For a full walkthough of the tools please watch the video at the bottom of the page.

 The tools in the kit are:

 1: Type Extrude

 Add the Mesh Op to an empty mesh item, then simply type some text into the text field, choose a font from the list, and you then have all-quad extruded 3D type. You can control the depth and the bevelling of the 3D text, and of course change any of the parameters at any time and the 3D text will update in real time.

 2: Curve Extrude

 This tool allows you to create solid geometry form a closed curve. You control the density of the quad geometry, the depth of the extrusion and the size of the bevels. Any changes you make to the original curve are reflected in the generated mesh.

3: Spring

This is a fully procedural spring primitive, you can set its size, thickness, the number of rotations and its orientation along any one of the major axes.

 4: Circle Extrude

This is a procedural circle primitive, allowing you to create disc and pie shapes in 3D. The sweep control determines the base shape, from pie shapes to semi-circle to full circle, and you can also control the depth of extrusion and the orientation along any one of the major axes.

 5: Arc

 This is curve-based procedural arc primitive tool that is very flexible, giving you full control of the extent of the arc, whether it is an open or closed shape, and which axis it is drawn in. A useful building block for further modelling.

 6: Frame

Draw a single polygon to act as a scale and position guide (for example around a window) and then procedurally control the size and detailing of the frame geometry. Great for creating quick picture frames or windows.

 7: Door frame

 Similar to the Frame tool, this creates instant door frames using a single polygon as a guide for size and placement. The options allow for varying level of complexity.

 8: Tube

 A fully procedural tube primitive that uses any curve in your scene as a guide. This the procedural equivalent of Modo's traditional modelling Tube Primitive, but this tool remains fully editable at all times and is exceptionally quick and convenient to use.

 9: Hose

 A hollow version of the tube tool, with procedurally adjustable wall thickness and edge hardness.

10: Quadify Ngons

 This is a quick a dirty tool for creating an all-quad surface from a single Ngon (for example created with the Pen Tool) - run this tool and then perform further modelling operations afterwards.

11: Flooring

 This tool will create procedural floorboards in a room of any size or shape. Draw a guide mesh with the Pen Tool to determine the size and shape of the room, and the mesh op will then do the rest. You can control the size and direction of the floorboards, and retrospectively change the room size and shape.

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