Mesh Fusion Demystified Part 2 - Intermediate Modelling


Dive deeper into Mesh Fusion for Modo

This tutorial is designed to take you further with Mesh Fusion modelling by tackling a more challenging asset in the form of a motorcycle engine block. This kind of model would be difficult and time-consuming to create with SDS modelling, but is very straightforward to create with Mesh Fusion by building up a complex model from simple shapes. Booleans are ideal for this kind of hard-surface work and Mesh Fusion provides the most versatile workflow for creating these kinds of surfaces in a polygon modelling package.

 The tutorial covers modelling, UVing, and problem-solving strategies for building complex meshes in Mesh Fusion. After watching the training you should have the confidence and knowledge to tackle any hard-surface modelling task. The tutorial also covers schematic flow problem-solving and the use of Mesh Fusion Strips in detail.

 The training comprises of a short series of foundational videos outlining essential concepts, which are followed by a detailed step-by-step two-part video demonstrating the modelling of the motorcycle engine.

 The training focuses on the ease and flexibility of working with Mesh Fusion. Because everything starts from very simple geometry the workflow is very accessible and easy to follow. Modellers of any level and ability should be able to create excellent hard surface meshes by using the techniques shown in the training.

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