Lighting for Storytelling


Learn the secrets of effective lighting

In this in-depth tutorial you will learn how to approach lighting your scenes from a storytelling point of view. This will allow you to approach lighting in a creative and artistic manner, and open your eyes to more expressive ways of lighting your scenes and communicating your message and story.

Most tutorials concentrate on the technical aspects of lighting, but in this video technique is explained alongside expression, and advanced artistic concepts are described in a way that I have not seen covered anywhere else, with practical examples from illustration and film.

With the knowledge gained from this training you will be much more aware of the techniques used by cinematographers and 3D lighting artists to convey emotion and story in film, and you will be able to watch movies with a more educated eye that will open up a whole new way of appreciating your favourite films.

Armed with this knowledge you can confidently apply these techniques to your own images and animations, confident that you are getting your story across and communicating your message more effectively.

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