Instant Lighting Kit for Modo


Lighting variations created with the Instant Lighting Kit


Epic lighting, in an instant.

The Instant Lighting Kit for Modo is designed to help you create beautiful renders in the shortest possible time, allowing you to light your scenes quickly and to get professional lighting results at the click of a button.

The kit was born from my desire to be able to create attractive scenes quickly with a versatile rig that can create several different looks and moods. It's ideal for showing off models, creating product renders, or for architecture. The Instant Lighting Kit can be used either as a starting point for further refinement with additional direct lights, or as a final lighting solution for finished scenes.

Each version of the kit provides a total of 36 different environments that are divided into 3 broad categories: Studio, Interior, and Exterior. Select one of the 3 categories from the Preset Browser and you can then cycle through the 12 different environments available in each. This allows you to quickly compare the different options and choose the one that best suits your scene in minutes - there's no need to keep going back to the Preset Browser to try all the different options: once you select a category all the relevant environments are loaded together and you can simply cycle between them. This means you can compare different environments incredibly quickly, giving you a very fast workflow and eliminating guesswork.

If you buy both versions you will have a total of 72 environments to choose from, giving you a huge range of different possibilities that you can cycle through incredibly quickly. The workflow with the Instant Lighting Kit is fun and playful, allowing you to simply explore and compare possibilities in a creative manner - lighting is never a chore with this kit.

Each environment can be rotated and the brightness can be controlled via the included rig, allowing you to get many variations from the available options. And now you also have the option to change the overall hue, tweak the contrast, or blur the background HDR for softer lighting, giving you even greater control.

The kit is perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot of time on lighting, so modelers can display their meshes beautifully with the minimum of hassle, but it's also suitable for experts who need to create scenes quickly. The kit is specifically designed for speed, with a simple and efficient workflow.

The kit works with the Vray and Octane plugins for Modo, as well as the native render engine.

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Watch this series of videos showcasing what the Instant Lighting Kit can do to help your workflow:


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